Benefits of Inversion therapy using Inversion Tables

Spinal, Anti-Aging and Other Benefits of Inversion Tables

An inversion table is one of many tools on the market that offer promises of enhancing your health, fitness and appearance. It plays on the idea of "reverse gravity," which some animals appear to have known for many hundreds of years. Humans, according to archaeologists, have as well utilized this phenomenon to promote a great body and sound mental health since the Stone Age! The tables are just one of the options in inversion therapy. What benefits can you expect these to provide you? Do read on to learn the different ways they may be beneficial.

Inversion Table

What is inversion therapy?

We already noted that inversion tables are used for inversion therapy. But what is this therapy all about? This describes a procedure that involves placing oneself upside down for the purpose of deriving therapeutic benefits. You hang head down by your feet, legs or ankles. The main target of inversion therapy is to reverse the damaging effects of gravity.

When it comes to inversion positions, the aim is to ensure your body is adjusted in such a manner that your head is at a lower level than your heart. What this means then is that you need not necessary be upside down to do inversion therapy. You can also place your body at an angle. Some approaches involve having your head and feet on the ground in a way that ensures your heart is above your head.

The means of doing inversion for therapeutic benefits have significantly improved. You no longer have to hang from a tree or pole. Therapy now involves use of modern tools, such as inversion tables, inversion chairs and gravity boots. Of these, inversion tables are the most commonly used. They offer a more aggressive means of reversing the effects of gravity.

Spinal and pain-related benefits

Focus is usually on the effects on the spine and pain sensation when talking about the benefits of inversion tables. They can be beneficial in putting your spine in good shape and in dealing with pain. The following are some of the issues it can help to address in this regard.

Inversion Therapy For Back pain

Are you the type of person who constantly complains about back pain? An inversion table may be helpful in overcoming the problem, although this idea might sound counter-intuitive. Spinal compression is a major factor in the incidence of back pain. By helping to decompress your spine, inversion table could prove useful in getting rid of the pain you feel. It can help you avoid the option of surgery, which your doctor may likely suggest, for overcoming this issue. There is evidence of this in some research.


Inversion tables can be helpful in managing this painful condition. If you do not yet have osteoarthritis, they can assist in reducing the risk of you having it. The condition is the result of wear and tear as well as inflammation of the cartilage. It causes you to experience, possibly excruciating, pain when you move. Worn cartilage causes your bones to graze one another as you move.

You may be able to reduce the adverse impact of osteoarthritis can have on your quality of life. Inversion therapy can ease the pain from this condition considerably when done regularly. It is said to be capable of helping to slow or even reverse osteoarthritis.

Herniated discs

Disc herniation is another very painful condition that inversion tables may be able to help with. In fact, some professionals who help in dealing with herniated discs are said to recommend this device to their patients. But in what way does it help?

We go back to the effects of gravity in understanding how inversion helps here. There are discs between the vertebrae in your spine that function as shock absorbers, so to say. They also assist in guarding against nerves being pinched by the bones. But when regular or excessive pressure is placed on them, the discs can become compressed. This way, they become unable to perform their usual functions and you experience pain.

The problem of herniated disc results when these discs slip out of place. In this case, the viscous substance in their core spills out of position in the vertebrae, bringing them together. This results in pressure against the spinal cord, nerve pinching, and pain sensation.

Through inversion, you can reverse the harmful effects of spinal compression. An inversion table can help you avoid surgery, which doctors commonly recommend for herniated discs. Surgical procedure can set you back by a huge sum and there are risks still involved in it.

The use of inversion table may not only help to control pain, but also to repair herniated discs. These intervertebral structures may even move back into place. There could also be an improvement in how wastes are eliminated from the discs, causing damaged ones to heal faster.

Cervical Spinal Stenosis

Here is a condition of the spine that can affect your neck. Cervical spinal stenosis causes the spinal canal to become narrow in the cervical (neck) region. It could be the result of damage to cartilage as seen in osteoarthritis. It may well be caused by ligament thickening in the neck. The condition can give rise to pain that spreads to your shoulders and down your spine.

By using an inversion table, you may be able to relieve the symptoms of cervical spinal stenosis. It can help to draw out the thickened ligaments. As in the case of herniated discs, inversion can be useful in getting rid of harmful substances to promote faster healing.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

This is a common problem that affects many people. It is capable of affecting quality of life adversely. Also known as sciatica, sciatic nerve pain is the irritation of nerve roots leading to the sciatic nerves. It can be so excruciating to the extent of keeping you practically immobilized. In addition to pain, associated symptoms include tingling, numbness and weakness.

You may get relief from sciatic nerve pain by using an inversion table. This possibility is even more interesting when you consider that surgery, which typically costs a whole lot more, has been shown to offer little help. A long-term study by researchers from Newcastle University in England showed that an amazing 77 percent of sciatic nerve patients were able to avoid surgery through inversion therapy.


This is an issue that has to do with the shape of your spine. Scoliosis is characterized by the curving of the spine to the side. It gives rise to an unusual shape, such as a "C" or an "S." Obviously, such curvature will lead to pain.

It is believed that the use of inversion tables can help to prevent the curvature from worsening. They may even help correct it. Children, who are typically more affected, will likely not find using such a device daunting, unlike adults. Most of them could actually consider it exciting in their playfulness. This makes inversion therapy better alternative to traditional treatment for scoliosis.

Inversion tables can also be helpful in dealing with some other spinal or musculoskeletal issues, such as fibromyalgia. They help ease headaches and to realign your spine.

Anti-aging benefits

Now, while focus is typically on benefits for pain and spinal issues, inversion tables can help in many ways to prevent or deal with age-related issues. Let's have a look at how they may help in this aspect.

Sleep Quality

There is this belief by some that you need less amount of sleep as you get older. Ever heard such argument? This is not exactly true. See, as people advance in years, different changes occur in the body. Among these is the decline in growth hormone levels. All these combine to impact adversely on your sleep quality. This means then that if you can address or reverse those changes things can improve for the better.

Know this: poor sleep quality can cause you to age faster and lead to potentially awful medical conditions. The recommendation for adults it to get at least seven hours of sleep every night. Daily use of inversion tables, for as little as 10 minutes, can help to make this possible. This relaxes tense muscles and enhances circulation to help you fall asleep quicker and soundly.


We talked about changes taking place in your body as you get older. Your digestive system is among the parts of your body that is impacted. In older people, processes typically slow down and gets slower as years pass. This leads to poor digestion and may predispose you to diseases. The look of your skin will also be affected.

Inversion can help to dislodge fecal matter that is trapped in your intestines. It enhances peristalsis and is therefore capable of improving digestion. By facilitating the process of getting rid of harmful substances, this practice can help guard against health issues.


Younger people are usually at lower risk of stress, compared to the older ones. With increasing responsibilities and challenges, you are more likely to be under significant stress as you grow older. This is a major killer! Stress sets off or is a factor in a variety of disorders that are associated with the elderly, including cardiovascular issues. It kills gradually without drawing so much attention.

One of the ways inversion tables can be useful in fighting stress is that they help keep your stress hormones in check. They assist in balancing other hormones that may cause you to feel good and less stressed. With inversion, you also reduce spinal pressure and muscle tension very fast. These combine to help you keep daily stress well under control.


Flexibility tends to suffer as people get older. Range of motion reduces and stiffness increases. This could be said, at least in part, to explain why older individuals are unable to be as physically active near to the level they were when younger.

Your intervertebral discs need to have proper hydration to promote flexibility. Gravity squeezes out the jelly-like material at the center of these discs when you are in an upright position. But when you sleep, the pressure is reduced and the vertebrae decompress.

Sleeping position doesn't entirely address the decompression caused by gravity. Some of the fluid that escapes from the discs does not return and this can mean a lot in the long run. By helping to decompress your spine, inversion table can help to restore lost fluid into the discs. This promotes flexibility.


It is hard to dispute the fact that people typically become more susceptible to infections as they become older. Their immune system becomes less efficient in getting rid of pathogens, waste products, and toxins. This has been linked to a lymphatic system that is not working as well as it should. Decreased physical activity makes it harder for lymph to move around the body.

But an active lymphatic system, which inversion tables promote, can enhance the ability of your immune system to fight off harmful substances or foreign bodies. This way, you are protected against several age-related diseases. You are promised to feel the difference in virtually all parts of your body.

Mental function

Another common symptoms of aging is reduced mental function. Older individuals are at a great risk of brain disorders such as the dreaded Alzheimer's disease. These issues affect memory, information processing and recall power. You may have observed you no longer remember things as well as you did in the past. That means age is starting to tell on you.

The use of inversion tables is said to be capable of improving your mental function. In fact, some secret societies supposedly practiced inversion in the past as means of boosting mental capacity. Some expert said doing this regularly can boost your brain to work 14 percent better.

Inversion therapy improves circulation as well as oxygen and glucose levels in the brain. This can be helpful in keeping the onset of dementia at bay. In addition, people suffering mood swings and depression can benefit. A 2004 study by University of California researchers confirmed this. People have said inversion helps with seasonal affective disorder (SAD) as well. American comedian and actress Rosie O'Donnell is one of those who said they did it for this purpose.

Another mental benefits that comes with improved blood flow to the brain is enhanced creative thinking. The increased availability of oxygen to the organ is a key reason for this.

Joint Health

Practically everything you do when you are not sleeping puts pressure on your joints. Activities such as walking, running or even sitting places weight on joints in the knees, hips or ankles. The pressure on joints is related to flexibility. It causes fluid between them to ooze out. This is capable of worsening your joint health.

Inversion tables help to ease this pressure. It reverses the effect of gravity and causes fluid to flow into weight bearing joints. This can be quite beneficial in promoting joint health.

Heart Health

Gravity may be a factor in the ability of blood to reach areas of the body higher than the heart, such as the brain. It could put the blood pumping organ under immense pressure in getting blood to those areas. Reverse gravity can make the process easier. It pulls blood from the extremities. This may make cleaner blood available to different parts of the body.

It then means your risk of having issues such as arrhythmia becomes lower. Inversion may also help guard against varicose veins. But then, you need to speak to your doctor if you have or suspect heart problems before going ahead.

Internal Organs

It is common for internal organs to become less efficient in adults with the passing years. This is another area where you may find inversion tables beneficial. The different processes that are set in motion or facilitated by the device contribute to this. Improved lymphatic system, circulation and blood oxygen levels can help to boost and refresh your internal organs.

Outward Appearance

There is arguably no better way of telling you have advanced in age than how you look. Posture, loss of lean muscle mass, wrinkles, weight gain and hair loss, easily give you away. These are problems inversion tables are thought to help with.

Spinal decompression as well as improved flexibility and range of motion promoted by inversion can help improve your posture. This may enhance your carriage and make you look more attractive.

The use of an inversion table facilitates supply of well oxygenated blood to different parts of the body, including the skin and hair. It can make your skin look more radiant. Increased nourishment can help to keep your hair follicles in a good state and also promote great hair.

Other Benefits Of Inversion Therapy

There are several other benefits that have been associated with inversion therapy. They include:


By helping to improve your posture, an inversion table can raise your height making you look taller. It corrects spinal curvature that causes you to look shorter than you really are. Of course, besides the curvature, there is the general effect of gravity on the spine. Experts suggest you are actually taller when in a horizontal position, such as when sleeping. Compression causes you to become a little shorter when not in such a position.

The height promotion of inversion tables is actually linked to some other benefits we have already mentioned. These include spinal realignment, reduced muscle tension and improved circulation.

Ligament Strength

Ligaments are crucial to promoting bone health and function. They connect your bones to one another. If these are not as strong or flexible as they ought, you become vulnerable to misalignments and bone fractures.

It is said that inversion tables can help to make your ligaments stronger. They can assist in building up the amount of collagen, with this improving strength. An inverted position allegedly reduces ligament stiffness to improve function.

Energy Levels

Do you often feel weak? That may be due to the effect of gravity on your body. So you may benefit from inversion therapy in reversing this, if that is the cause. Better circulation, toxin elimination, refreshed internal organs, and greater oxygen availability contribute to give you needed energy boost.

Inversion tables can also help to control pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS) and clear sinuses. They are said to expedite recovery from workouts as well.

It can be argued that inversion tables are worth considering when you look at the benefits we have discussed here. They should especially appeal to you if you are someone interested in slowing the effects of aging. The tool may help to deal with toxins, organ deterioration, poor circulation and some other things that can speed up aging. However, you have to consult your doctor before proceeding with inversion therapy.

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